A Little About Me: Maggie

It’s a quiet, average day in the house. Sleepy, somnolent Sunday. Average weather outside, nothing pressing to do. Well, okay. I lie about that last part. There’s always something pressing to do when you’re a working mom juggling half a dozen different sets of priorities.

My living room floor is clean, but there are kids’ books piled in the arm chair, laundry waiting for the motivation necessary to get it put away in baskets on the couch. My dog is flopped out in front of the TV, and a little bit of time before I have to feed the natives. One of my cats is curled up on my work jacket. The other is prowling the neighbourhood. One kid is reading a Captain Underpants novel in his room. Another is playing The Sims 3 on his dinosaur-era desktop. The third is running around like a squirrel on crack, playing a kazoo. There’s a small mountain of laundry downstairs, an important editing project to log hours on, and a manuscript sitting at 1/4th completion on my cloud drive.

I’ve got things to do, and part of my brain is wondering why I’m doing this again, this blogging thing. It’s time-consuming. It’s a side of peas tossed onto a plate already loaded down with meat and potatoes. It’s a Post-It on life’s crowded refrigerator door. The straw teetering on the edge of a cloud, waiting to fall onto the camel’s brain and snap its sanity once and for all.

Eh, screw it. It’s not like I had that much sanity to begin with.

This blog is about life. Life as a geek, life as a mom, life as a woman in this big, scary, terrifying and wondrous world of ours. Growing Like Geeks may have sprung up from too much caffeine, not enough sleep, and a couple of Facebook messages and Skype calls with a dear friend just as crazy as I am, but it’s already become an important project, one that excites me, makes me scribble feverishly in the journal my best friend gave me for my birthday. A series of half-legible notes, ideas and random self-stim sketches that will, over the next few weeks and months, turn into blog entries covering a wide range of topics that we, as gamers, as fangirls, as moms and women, consider important lessons for our children.

Some of the upcoming features may only be semi-regular, but others will be weekly columns in the blog. All is still in flux, but over the next few weeks will get nailed down to something regarding organization. There will be however, virtually no corner of geekdom left unturned, including fashion, home decor, food, kids, social and political issues, crafts, fandoms, superheroes, supervillains, books, movies, television shows and Netflix queues. A couple of columns I’m particularly excited about are “Things We Found on Etsy”, “Totally Biased Reviews” and “Interview With My Kids”, so look for those topics in the next little while.

In the meantime, I’ve got to break up a cage fight over which Iron is better, Fist or Man, before there is blood.